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Saxon Switzerland

Luckily, the times are gone when it took a day's march
to reach Saxon Switzerland. So let us take the bus, train
or steamer to travel alongside the River Elbe, pass
through Pirna, the Gateway to Saxon Switzerland, and before
long we will be facing it: the unique rock landscape
with its deep ravines, bizarre stone pillars and imposing
table rocks. The view from the Bastei rock
(190 m above the River Elbe) is simply breathtaking,
sweeping across the Elbe valley, into the realm of rocks
and mountains. One of the towering table rocks is crowned
with buildings visible from the distance: the Königstein Fortress,
which has never been conquered. A glance from the foot
of the rock up to the fortification wall leaves no doubt about
its invincibility.

Visitors, however, can conquer it - on foot or using the lift.
Having arrived on top, one may enjoy not only a spectacular
view but also a very peaceful insight into this much-feared fortress.

A day tour to Saxon Switzerland takes you to the Bastei rock,
on through the National Park, across the River Elbe to
the Königstein Fortress.

Duration: 8-hour full-day tour of Saxon Switzerland