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Historical City Centre

The core of the Old Town with all its magnificent historic buildings is overwhelming:
Semper Opera House, Catholic Court Church, Procession of Princes, Frauenkirche
(Church of our Lady), Brühl's Terrace, to name but a few. Let me take you on a tour
of Dresden's Royal Court quarter. This walking tour is the best introduction
to Dresden, for it provides you with an illustrated history of the city, and
it may be complemented with a bus tour.

Duration: 2 hours
Popular combinations: 3-hour sightseeing tour (bus and walking tour)

Neue Königstadt (Innere Neustadt/New Town)

Crossing the River Elbe, you will be welcomed personally
by HIM: Augustus the Strong, certainly the most famous of the
Saxon electors, as the Golden Horseman. He doesn't stand on
Theatre Square, where everyone would expect him to be, but
in "The King's New Town" (Neue Königsstadt), a new town built
on his initiative in the 18th century. "But where is it?"
you will ask when you see the 1970s concrete blocks.
Follow me! The small details (e.g. portals and inner courtyards)
as well as entire streets (e.g. the Königstraße) will tell you
the story of this new town.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Popular combinations: 3-hour walking tour of Old and New Town